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Sitefinity CMS Logo

Sitefinity CMS Logo

Sitefinity CMS Advance Features:

User Friendly Interface

Sitefinity provides an intuitive role-based user interface that offers quick access to all functions of the CMS and is easy to navigate. A context-help system has been integrated into the UI, so that users can quickly reference help topics, depending on the page they are currently viewing.

Systematic Workflow Engine

In Sitefinity you can define the workflow process and ensure that new or modified content passes through a process of approval before going live. It can be easily enabled or disabled and can be applied on a content and page level. (Available on Standard version only)

Content Sharing and Branching

Sitefinity facilitates native content reuse model to distribute your writing items across multiple web pages within projects, as well as among multiple projects.

Easy Drag & Drop Content Editing

Users can move different page elements and quickly organize the page structure – drag an element from the control toolbar, replace or move it around and easily fill the page cells with content.


This features make website design and content managing easier than ever. Users can now configure their website easily without knowing more complicated web programming languages.

Themes / Skins

Sitefinity is shipped with a collection of themes and skins samples that can be reused in different projects. Users can also create their own custom themes and skins.

Tagging Features for Contents

Sitefinity allows CMS users to tag the content they create in Blogs and News, and Generic content based modules. You can use tags to categorize texts, pictures, videos, and articles.

User Friendly File Manager

Sitefinity incorporates its own manager to streamline an easy and effective file upload. It displays a hierarchical structure of folders and files in a project. Users can delete, copy, move any kind of files necessary for website construction and organize them into folders.

And many other features!

Good News! You can now enjoy 10% discount on Sitefinity CMS user licensed software by subscribe to web hosting plan – one of the leading ASP.NET hosting providers since 2000. also provide solid hosting control panel features that fully compatible with Sitefinity and support fast and easy Sitefinity installation. This will make your Sitefinity hosting experience more convenient.

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Sitefinity CMS

Sitefinity CMS

What is Sifefinity CMS?

Sitefinity is a website development platform that allow users for creation and management of professional websites, community portals, and intranets. SiteFinity offers a rich set of built-in features, a unique Web 2.0 interface, and powerful development capabilities. Besides that, SiteFinity built with the award-winning Telerik UI controls. Other features includes forums, poll systems and content sharing.

What are the Build in Application in Sitefinity CMS?

Sitefinity Supported / Built-In Applications:

* Blogs Module
* Discussion / Forum Module
* Documents and Images Module
* Events Calendar
* FAQ Management
* Graphs and Charts
* Polls Module
* Search Engine
* Site Map
* Video library support
* Data provider for Amazon S3 and Viddler

How to get Sitefinity CMS?

You may now create your online content management portal using Sitefinity CMS with ASP.NET hosting plan. The Sitefinity application are configured and fully tested to ensure the compatibility with the web hosting plan. Clients can now enjoy the fast and easy installation of Sitefinity within the hosting control panel.

For current and new clients, they can enjoy enjoy 10% on Sitefinity CMS licensed applications. More details on obtaining the discount codes can be view at the web hosting control panel.

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List of ASP.NET Software Installers That Integrated With ASP.NET Hosting Plans:

There are many ASP.NET scripts out there which can help advance ASP.NET developers or even normal ASP.NET users to build custom website effectively and most importantly the ASP.NET scripts can be installed and functional in the shortest amount of time and the ease of efforts.

Just imagine the installation can be done in just a simple 1 or 2 clicks and you will have your blogs, forums or other ASP.NET based content management system setup for you.

While also constantly aware about this technologies and issues, therefore, as a compliments from to all clients, all clients can now choose from the list of ASP.NET installation scripts on their control panel to complete the installation.

Below are the list of ASP.NET software portals that can be installed very easily from hosting control panel (Note: There are more ASP.NET software installer portals will be added from time to time):

1. DotNetNuke Hosting (DotNetNuke 4.9.0 Hosting Up-to-date!)
DotNetNuke is a content management system ideal for creating and deploying projects such as commercial web sites, intranets and extranets,and online publishing portals.

2. Community Server Hosting
Community Server is the award winning platform for rapidly enabling both small and large online communities.

3. nGallery Hosting
nGallery is a FREEWARE, OPEN SOURCE implementation of a image gallery written purely in managed .NET and C#. nGallery provides a solution to store and display your image galleries on your own Web site, as well as providing means for customizing and extending nGallery to your own personal likings.

4. mojoPortal Hosting
mojoPortal is an Object Oriented web site framework written in C# that runs under ASP.NET on Windows.

5. Flexwiki Hosting
Flexwiki is a collaborative forum where people can share ideas and record any consensus reached on difficult issues, along with rebuttal.

6. Umbraco Hosting
Umbraco is an open and free alternative on the Microsoft .NET Platform. It act as web-creation tool and all content in umbraco is under version control and the publishing routines are so fast. It features a generic content structure making it possible to create any kinds of content types.

7. Rainbow Hosting
The Rainbow portal is an open source initiative to build a comprehensive CMS using Microsoft’s ASP.NET and C# technologies. Rainbow allows content authoring to be safely delegated to role-based team members who need little or no knowlege of HTML.

8. Sitefinity Hosting
Sitefinity is an innovative development platform for creation and management of professional websites, community portals, and intranets. It offers a rich set of built-in features, a unique Web 2.0 interface, and powerful development capabilities that bring developers, designers and content authors closer together.

9. BlogEngine Hosting
BlogEngine.NET is an open source .NET blogging project that was born out of desire for a better blog platform. A blog platform with less complexity, easy customization, and one that takes advantage of the latest .NET features.
BlogEngine.NET was designed using the current .NET framework 3.5 and focused on simplicity, ease of extendibility, and innovative features.

For more information about the list of supported ASP.NET Software portals and ASP.NET Hosting plans, log on to or contact at

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