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mojoPortal CMS

mojoPortal CMS

mojoPortal Features

Below are list of features that build in with mojoPortal. These features are constantly update / added from time to time when mojoPortal released a new version.

1 – Cross Platform – Runs under Windows/IIS or Mono/Apache with most GNU/Linux distributions or Mac OS X
2 – Works with MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird Sql, and SQLite databases (Supporting multiple platform of database makes mojoPortal able to Run under Windows / Linux hosting platform)
3 – Host multiple sites on 1 installation and db with host names
4 – XHTML Compliant Content Management with support for work flow and approval/publishing process
5 – Custom Skinning with support for user selectable skins and individual skins per page
6 – Numerous attractive skins with Table-less CSS layouts (More customization options available with the theme and CSS layouts)
7 – Enter content with the FCKeditor , TinyMCE, or XStandard HTML WYSIWYG
8 – Blogs (Webmaster / users can now include a blog within the mojoPortal application)
9 – Forums
10 – Image Gallery
11 – RSS Feed Aggregator (RSS feeds makes your mojoPortal site updates get reach quickly by search engines and your subscribers.)
12 – Event Calendar (Plan your day or event systematically using the event calender)
13 – Contact Form (Users can now sent enquiries or feedback to you directly on the contact form without you displaying your email address on the website)
14 – Poll Feature – currently only available using MS SQL or MySQL (Ideal for products or activities that includes pools and voting.)
15 – Survey Feature – currently only available using MS SQL or MySQL (Done your market / users survey on the particular products or services from your website visitors)
16 – Newsletter (Get in touch with your visitors / subscribers with the latest products / services updates)
17 – ecommerce (Anyone can customize the mojoPortal sites to be a e-commerce sites that operate as a online business instantly)
18 – File Manager – use with caution, provides direct access to the server file system.
19 – Shared Files module – looks and acts like the File Manager module but stores and manages files in a safe way on the server. Folders are really database items as are the friendly file names.
20 – Google Maps (Expose your business on your area by including an interactive Google Maps on your webpage, let your visitors find you easily)
21 – Easily Customizable User Profile System (Now you can easily manage your subscribers roleson your website / membership sites)
22 – Member List Page
23 – Bread Crumbs (Produce good navigation links on your website, eg “Home > Page 1 > Page 2”. Increase positive user experience when visiting your site)
24 – Flexible Menu system
25 – Localizable, currently translated into 10 languages (This will be a great feature for those who wanted to create other language of international sites such as Chinese, French or Russian)
26 – Configurable Whether to Encrypt Passwords (Speaking about security, the system have build in with secure encryption system that protect your personal login information such as password.
27 – Configurable Whether Registration requires e-mail confirmation (Reducing the percentage of Spam / automatic registration on your website by activating the e-mail confirmation features)
28 – Configure use of SSL for the whole Site or per Page
29 – Send Password Feature (when not using encryption)
30 – Url Re-writing for mapping friendly Urls to site pages and blog posts (Help the search engines index your web page easily and improve the SEO aspect of your website)
31 – Site Search with Role based filtering
32 – Error logging and optional debug logging
33 – Authenticate against the database, LDAP, Active Directory, Windows NTLM, OpenID, or Windows Live ID (Now, users can login using other authenticated user name and password)
34 – Personalization with WebParts
35 – Site Statistics and Who Is Online

Such wonderful and solid features makes mojoPortal popular today. Almost everyone can create a online content management portal with the ease of complex programming languages and techniques. mojoPortal provide a great platform for all of us with these convenience features!

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mojoPortal Logo

mojoPortal Logo

Main Reason to Use mojoPortal

mojoPortal emerge as best winner for “Best Other Open Source Content Management System”. Why many webmaster, developers recommend using mojoPortal?

After building many web applications you realize that a certain amount of this plumbing you are having to write over and over for each project. Most projects don’t allocate much development time for these things and you end up doing things the quick way rather than the best way.

Business stakeholders often can’t be bothered with the technical details, they want to see results quickly and they tend to judge the success of the product/project by how attractive the user interface is. So the developers are really the only ones who are going to notice the elegant design of the plumbing and often enough little emphasis is put on the elegance of the design.

When you need to build a web application you usually have some business functionality in mind but there is always a certain amount of web plumbing that needs to be implemented for things like navigation, authentication of users, security and roles.

Good News for Developers!

With all the reasons and problems faced by many web developers and users, mojoPortal have been customized with the following features to help provide the community with more flexibility in website development.

Some of the specifications that build in with mojoPortal API are:

* working with various databases in .NET (MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite)
* implementing the different provider APIs for 2.0 .NET including:
* MembershipProvider
* RolesProvider
* SiteMapProvider
* VirtualPathProvider
* PersonalizationProvider
* using MasterPages, CSS, and themes to skin a site
* working with the ASP.NET 2.0 WebParts framework
* localization techniques
* and in general best practices in implementing enterprise class, fast and scalable web applications.

Users can now choose mojoPortal hosting compatible hosting plan to host the mojoPortal application. The web hosting plan at are tested and compatible with mojoPortal application. For more information, contact at

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