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Avactis Shopping Cart

Avactis Shopping Cart

Are you One of The Avactis Shopping Cart Software User?

Avactis Shopping Cart is a software package that allows you to open an online store on the Internet. You can now take full advantage of this shopping cart software and boost your online business and take your business to the next level.

The Avactis software included with 2 solid management interface as users and the system administrators.

As the Avactis Shopping Cart administrators:
Allows you to stock up the store with products, as a conventional warehouse, maintain the inventory, track orders and payments.

As Avactis Shopping Cart users:
The Avactis’s client side allows the visitors to your site to browse products in the online store, select products and put them into the shopping cart, as in a conventional supermarket, and then pay for the selected products using a credit card or other payment options.

What will you benefits by using Avactis Shopping Cart?

One of the major advantages of Avactis, compared to other e-commerce solutions, is fast and easy integration of an online store into an existing website without any programmer’s knowledge or skills. In addition, the complexity of design does not matter. Avactis is primarily targeted at companies planning to carry out their business on the Internet.

You can start to integrate Avactis shopping cart into your website or online business by registering Avactis hosting compatible hosting plans. With that you can get hassle free installations and further support from your hosting providers for your e-commerce site.

osCommerce Logo

osCommerce Logo

osCommerce Version 3.0 Features

osCommerce (“open source Commerce”) is an e-commerce and online store-management software program. It can be used on any web server that has PHP and MySQL installed.
It is available as free software under the GNU General Public License.

Here are the list of updated features on osCommerce 3.0:
# New object-oriented framework (alpha 1)
# New installation routine (alpha 1)
# register_globals and magic_quotes_gpc compatibility (alpha 1)
# New template structure implementation (alpha 1)
# Search-engine optimizations (alpha 1)
# Service modules (alpha 1)
# Checkout procedure cleanup (alpha 2)
# New language definitions implementation (alpha 2)
# Updated payment modules with post-transaction actions (alpha 3)
# Catalog front-end, administration tool, and installation routine combined (alpha 3)
# XHTML/CSS based default template layout for the catalog side (alpha 3)
# Multiple product images implementation (alpha 3)
# New action modules (alpha 3)
# Administration Tool access levels (alpha 4)
# Administrator Log (alpha 4)
# Administration Tool batch action capabilities (alpha 4)
# HTML Editor for product descriptions (alpha 4)
# Full zone entries for most countries (alpha 4; Anders Pamdal)
# Language injection feature for similar languages (alpha 4)
# GeoIP Modules for the Administration Tool Who’s Online section (alpha 4)

osCommerce rapid improvement could help ecommerce website equipped with the most updated shopping cart and online transaction management system. You can try the osCommerce here.

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What is Shopping Cart Software?

Shopping cart software is software used in e-commerce to assist people making purchases online, analogous to the American English term ‘shopping cart’. In British English it is generally known as a shopping basket, almost exclusively shortened on websites to ‘basket’.

The software allows online shopping customers to place items in the cart. Upon checkout, the software typically calculates a total for the order, including shipping and handling (i.e. postage and packing) charges and the associated taxes, as applicable.

Shopping Cart Software Main Components

Storefront: the area of the Web store that is accessed by visitors to the online shop. Category, product, and other pages (e.g. search, best sellers, etc.) are dynamically generated by the software based on the information saved in the store database.

Administration: the area of the Web store that is accessed by the merchant to manage the online shop. The amount of store management features changes depending on the sophistication of the shopping cart software, but in general a store manager is able to add and edit products, categories, discounts, shipping and payment settings, etc. Order management features are also included in many shopping cart programs.

Ways To Obtain Shopping Cart Software

Hosted service: The software is never downloaded, but rather is provided by a hosted service provider and is generally paid for on a monthly/annual basis; also known as the application service provider (ASP) software model. Some of these services also charge a percentage of sales in addition to the monthly fee. This model often has predefined templates that a user can choose from to customize their look and feel. In this model users typically have less ability to modify or customize the software with the advantage of having the vendor continuously keep the software up to date for security patches as well as adding new features added.

Licensed software: The software is downloaded and then installed on a Web server. This is most often associated with a one-time fee, although there are many free products available as well. The main advantages of this option are that the merchant owns a license and therefore can host it on any Web server that meets the server requirements, and that the source code can often be accessed and edited to customize the application. research and development team are continuous update the web hosting technology in all ASP.NET web hosting plans to suite with all the installation of shopping cart software on web hosting plans.

For more information about hosting your shopping cart software, log on to to view list of supported shopping cart software on ASP.NET hosting accounts.

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