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Choose Reseller Hosting to Start Your Web Hosting Business

If you are just starting please choose reseller hosting instead of expensive vps or dedicated servers. To start with Virtual Private Servers or Dedicated Servers you must have good knowledge to manage the server resources. That’s why , choose reseller web hosting is a good way to start your hosting business. After getting enough customers you may upgrade to vps or dedicated server. Reseller hosting is very easy to use, no server knowlege is required. After choosing reseller package you should have following features.

1. Private Name Servers : Choose reseller hosting from that company who offers private name servers so that your customers can never know that you are reseller. Remember, if some one asks you that you are reseller or own a dedicated server. Don’t lie them because if they found you, you will get your company at stake. Always be honest because Honesty Is The Best Policy. 2. Billing System : Usually billing system cost yo up to $15 per month but there are many companies that are offering absolutely free billing systems. It can either whmcs or clientexec, both are professional & best billing systems. Approximately all professional web hosting companies offer these billing softwares absolutely free with their reseller packages with out any xtra cost.

2. Private SSL Certificate : Private SSL Certificate allows you to secure your files and data transferring across the internet. It’s usually cost you $15 or $40 dollars per year but again it is being offered by many hosting companies. After having these all tools i hope you will bear the palm in the competition. You are definitely wondering which are companies that are offering these all services for free. Check the company Name below in the author’s name.

3. Dedicated IP Address : Itâs also not a free product but it’s also being offered by many web hosting companies for free without any extra cost. A dedicated IP usually cost you $2 or $3 per month. But you can get it for free with reseller pakages offered by many hosting companies. A dedicated IP address dedicated to one website only, it can add extra points to your company.

4. Domain Reseller Account : Domain Reseller Account offers you to register domains online under your own brand. You’ll act as a registrar. Domain Reseller Account offers you to manage all of your customer’s domains under your own brand. You may either suspend or re-active your customer’s domain names. A simple domain reseller account costs you up to Two Hundreds Dollars ( $200 ). But don’t worry, domain reseller account is being offered by some companies. It is very good tool of you use it and offer domain registration service to your clients and customers.

For more information about Windows reseller hosting or ASP Reseller Hosting account, provides the affordable yet full features in the reseller hosting plan supported by a group of professional client support team.

Windows Reseller hosting

Windows Reseller hosting

Why Does Windows Reseller Hosting Popular?

Windows hosting platform is very easy to use, with customer friendly options and tools. Besides, a windows reseller hosting plan also gives you access to ASP.Net, which is a very powerful tool when it comes to developing web based applications.

With ASP.Net, we will able to fully utilize some of the popular ASP.NET content management systems such as DotNetNuke. It is true that ASP scripting runs on UNIX platforms, but you would still not have full access to all the powerful features of ASP.Net as this has been developed for full Windows compatibility.

Windows reseller hosting plans gives you access to a number of products like ActiveSync and SharePoint. These tools help you consolidate your marketing position and bring in huge, recurrent dividends, in the long run.Your Windows reseller hosting plan makes you eligible to own the fastest growing database tool in the business.

Windows reseller hosting plans also provide you with free access to MS SQL, a comprehensive, all-inclusive, data management tool.

With its user friendly features, Windows control panel is easy to use and provides you with an all-in-one solution. So, when the number of clients increases, you do not need to keep multiple accounts, which is the case with Linux systems.

These are some of the reasons why resellers find it very profitable to sell Windows reseller hosting plans. These plans allow them to sell their customers solutions that they require, at competitive rates.

You can now start your own Windows hosting services by subscribe to Windows reseller hosting plan which supported up to ASP.NET 3.5 and Windows 2008 with IIS 7 hosting platform.

Each of the Windows reseller hosting plan are build in with user friendly interface for you to manage your clients hosting account pretty well.

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting

Things to watch out when selecting a Reseller Hosting package

When you are hunting for that reseller host that fits your need, you must take care to research the host’s reliability and read reviews from previous customers.You will want to take a look at the various reviews coming from the experience customers who have purchased the particular reseller hosting plan. Paying hundred’s of dollars for a terrible host can lead you to much more unexpected disappointments.

Research the background of the web host provider

Find reviews and what people are buzzing about. You will find that previous experience is always the best when selecting a Reseller Host such as how long are they in the hosting business, how are the customer testimonials, what is the hosting technology, etc.

Select hosting plan that included with complete clients and billing management software

Does the reseller have all the reseller hosting software provided to you at no additional cost? Are you looking for a budget reseller? Take all this into consideration when you actually plug in your credit card number. Good reseller hosting control panel will allow you to manage your multiple clients more systematically.

Determine main selling point of your reseller hosting plan

The key to being successful at reseller hosting is the selling point or the return on investment in the hosting package. Your benefit of picking a good hosting company that is reliable and perfectly priced can lead to more profits the easy way. There are possibility you can make hundreds of dollars a month reselling your hosting bundled with other services. The possibilities are endless in marketing your space. By selecting a host that allows a good amount of space and support, you will have your business in control everytime. is one of the reliable Reseller ASP.NET hosting providers. With the specialization on Windows hosting platform for many years, more and more satisfying customers joined hosting community.
You may contact regarding the Reseller Windows hosting plan at

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