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b2evolution Blogging Software Logo

b2evolution Blogging Software Logo

b2evolution Blogging Software – What actually is b2evolution?

b2evolution is a powerful blog tool you can install on your own website.
B2Evolution includes all the features of traditional blog tools, and extends them with evolved features such as file & photo management, advanced skinning, multiple blogs support as well as detailed user permissions.

If it complicated to learn and use b2evolution?

B2evolution is specially designed for all levels of users, below are some of the specification:

For blogging newbies

Your posts are automatically arranged by date and category into a skin/theme that you can chose (and customize if you wish to do so).

Readers of your website can then leave comments which will appear below your post. They can also browse through the archives and use advanced search capabilities.

Unlike online blog tools like, b2evolution runs on your very own domain and website. You can install it as an extension to a website you already own.

For average bloggers

b2evolution is an advanced weblog tool, i-e software allowing you to run your own blogs, newsfeeds or even photo strea.

It does basically the same thing blogger or typepad does, but with two main differences:

* It’s free as free can be! (GNU General Public License)
* It runs on your own domain/website. That means you need a host which can run web applications written in PHP. See requirements. You can also find such hosts for free. However for best performance we recommend a few cheap web hosting solutions as well as quality web hosting solutions.

For advanced bloggers

B2evolution also generates web pages dynamically from the MySQL database, so no clumsy ‘rebuilding’ is involved. It also means faster search/display capabilities, and the ability to serve your posts/news in different ‘templates’ or ‘skins’ without any hassle.

b2evo is probably the most comprehensive blog engine you could find, with an unique set of features including:

* Simple installation
* Multiple blog support
* Multiple user support
* Multiple skin support
* Localized in many languages
* Multilingual blogging
* Web standards compliance with integrated XHTML checker
* Clean search engine friendly permalinks
* Advanced user permission management

For IT professionals

b2evolution is a medium scale CMS centered around the Blog concept, fully featured with multiple blogs, content/presentation separation, full user management, full internationalization (i18n), workflow management… and extending towards features normally provided by Wikis, Trackers or hierarchy driven CMSes.

So, you do not have to worry about your current skills levels to learn to use b2evolution. As it come with all features that will suite your needs and requirements! Start enjoying this blogging software that will bring more flexibility for your blogging efforts.

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What is Weblog Software?

Weblog software (also called blog software or blogware) is a category of software which consists of a specialized form of Content Management Systems specifically designed for designing, creating and maintaining weblogs.

Benefits Of Using Weblog Software

Maintenance through the Internet is a nearly universal feature of weblog software. This is usually done through a browser-based interface, enabling authors to create and update content on the site. Most software supports the use of external client software to update content using common APIs such as the MetaWeblog API and the Atom Publishing Protocol.

Some Of Weblog Software Features

* Title, the main title, or headline, of the post.
* Body, main content of the post.
* Permalink, the URL of the full, individual article.
* Post Date, date and time the post was published.

A blog entry optionally includes the following:

* Comments

Comments are a way to provide discussion on blog entries. Readers can leave a comment on a post, which can correct errors or contain their opinion on the post or the post’s subject. Services like Comment aim to ease discussion through comments, by allowing tracking of them.

* Categories (or tags) – subjects that the entry discusses
* Trackback and or pingback – links to other sites that refer to the entry

Weblog Softwares Examples

User hosted blogs

Software packages installed by weblog authors to run on their own servers.

Free Multi-user Blogs

Software packages installed by weblog authors or domain name owners to run on their own systems available to use by the general public: Developer:

* WordPress supports multi users blogging platform.

Other Blogging Softwares:
* B2evolution – b2evolution is a multi-lingual, multi-user, multi-blog publishing system written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database.
* Blogengine – BlogEngine.NET is an open source .NET blogging project that was born out of desire for a better blog platform. A blog platform with less complexity, easy customization, and one that takes advantage of the latest .NET features.
* Nucleus CMS

– Nucleus CMS is an open-source blog management software package written in PHP, with a MySQL backend, primarily written and maintained by Wouter Demuynck

For more information about hosting and managing your own blog, log on to professional ASP.NET web hosting service provider – at to all the blogging softwares mentioned above within few clicks of easy installations!

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