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SeekDotNet is a worldwide company with representatives in United States and, offering shared, dedicated and enterprise-grade solutions. Our success has not come by chance. Our strong management team coupled with intelligent product design and strong customer support has secured our position as a market leader.
We have strong and solid team experts in Microsoft technology and hosting because Microsoft Windows Hosting is what we do everyday and what we support. We do not do any other platform hosting. By switching your Windows Hosting needs, you can be rest assured that we know the stuff and we can provide better support and better solutions compare to the others.

We developed our own hosting technology entirely from scratch using Microsoft .NET technologies. We do not rely on third party Hosting Control Panel like Helm, CPanel, DotNetPanel or PLESK. When choosing the best hosting provider for your website. Always choose the one who understand the technology and we are not a startup web hosting company that gone in action in few years time. We are solid and have real office and real people working around the clock to solve your problem. Beware of those hosting company that rely on third party system such as PLESK, DotNetPanel. The hosting control panel software these days are so cheap. Everybody with the capital of $200 USD can start their hosting company in no time.

Contact for more information and web hosting plans features at

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