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.NET Compact Framework and the .NET Framework, What Are the Difference?

Posted on: August 27, 2009

Let us looks into few features that differentiate between .NET Compact Framework and the .NET Framework:

1 – Common Language Runtime

The common language runtimes in both Frameworks benefit from managed code execution, just-in-time (JIT) code compilation, and garbage collection. They support the Common Language Specification (CLS).
Both Frameworks have built-in primitive types as well as other types that you can use and derive from when you build your application.

2 – Classes and Types

The .NET Compact Framework supports a subset of the .NET Framework class library. This subset is appropriate for applications that are designed to run on resource-constrained devices and is semantically compatible with same-named classes in the .NET Framework.

3 – Assemblies and Global Assembly Cache

The .NET Compact Framework does not currently support multi-module assemblies, but does support satellite assemblies.

4 – How about Deploying Applications ?

To deploy an application, you can easily copy the assembly to the target device by using a cable from the desktop computer, its infrared port, or a wireless Internet or intranet connection. In Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, you can deploy directly to the device while debugging.

5 – ASP.NET Features

The .NET Compact Framework is primarily a rich client platform and does not provide ASP.NET support. To develop Web pages for mobile devices, you can use ASP.NET mobile Web controls. To develop Web pages for personal computers or Web service providers, see your ASP.NET documentation.

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