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Silverlight Hosting – New Changes in Silverlight 3 Toolkit

Posted on: July 29, 2009

Microsoft Silverlight 3

Silverlight 3 Toolkit New Features for New Silverlight Application and Hosting Experience

The following list encompasses all changes made between the Silverlight Toolkit March 2009 release and the Silverlight Toolkit July 2009 release.

1 – TimePicker / TimeUpDown
* Setting an initial value will be propagated correctly.
* Full UI Automation hierarchy implimented.
* Renamed the BalloonHint states to TimeHint.
* Various minor bug fixes.

2 – TransitioningContentControl
* Changed the template to have two ContentPresenters instead of ContentControls.
* Fixed bug where switching between content would raise exception in certain scenarios.
* Handles setting the Transition to a transition that is not yet there (if template hasn’t been loaded yet).

3 – DomainUpDown
* Space bar now moves the DomainUpDown into edit mode.
* Better handling of mouse-events in edit mode.

4 – Charting Faetures
* WPF is now an official platform for Charting!
* Breaking Change: IRequireGlobalSeriesIndex’s GlobalSeriesIndexChanged method takes a nullable int parameter.
* Improved performance of internal data structures for many common scenarios.
* Numerous bug fixes for animation inconsistencies between Silverlight and WPF.
* Fixed handling of data objects with non-unique hash codes.

5 – AutoCompleteBox
* Breaking Change: The “DropDownToggle” template part of type ToggleButton has been removed.
* Breaking Change: New template part: “Selector”, typeof(Selector).
* Breaking Change: Renamed virtual method: TryGetSelectionAdapter(object o) is now GetSelectionAdapterPart().
* Breaking Change: AutoCompleteSearchMode is now AutoCompleteFilterMode (enum).

6 – ItemsControlExtensions
Provides useful extensions to ItemsControl:

* Get various collections representing the items and their containers.
* Get an items host or ScrollViewer.

7 – ScrollViewerExtensions
Provides useful extensions to ScrollViewer to make basic scrolling tasks easier:

* Enable mouse wheel scrolling in XAML!
* Scroll by page or line.
* Scroll to top, bottom, left or right.
* Scroll items into view.

8 – TreeViewExtensions
Provides useful extensions to TreeView and TreeViewItem to greatly simplify common TreeView tasks:
* Set selected item
* Easily add connecting lines and CheckBoxes
* Expand and collapse items.
* Get items and their containers for parents, siblings and descendants.
* Get path.

With the new Silverlight Toolkit, you can now enjoy more seamless web development experience with Silverlight 3.

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