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New Features in .NET Framework 3.5 – ASP.NET 3.5 Hosting

Posted on: July 16, 2009


Some New Features on .NET Framework 3.5

1 – New .NET Framework 3.5 Setup Bootstrapper for Client Applications
The bootstrapper component can handle automatically downloading and installing either the .NET Framework Client Profile or the full .NET Framework Setup Package from the Internet if your machine doesn’t have either of them installed. The boostrapper can also automatically handle upgrading machines that have a previous version of the .NET Framework installed.

2 – WPF Performance Improvements
SP1 also adds support for better data scalability in WPF. The ListView, ListBox and TreeView controls now support “item container recycling” and “virtualization” support which allows you to easily achieve a 40% performance improvement with scrolling scenarios. These controls also now optionally support a “deferred scrolling” feature which allows you to avoid scrolling in real time and instead wait until a user releases the scroll thumb.

3 – WPF Data Improvements
# Better handling and conversion support for null values in editable controls
# Item-level validation that applies validation rules to an entire bound item
# MultiSelector support to handle multi-selection and bulk editing scenarios
# IEditableCollectionView support to interface data controls to data sources and enable editing/adding/removing items in a transactional way

4 – Visual Studio for .NET Framework 3.5
# Events tab support within the property browser
# Ability to sort properties alphabetically in the property browser
# Margin snaplines which makes form layout much quicker
# Better designer support for TabControl, Expander, and Grid

5 – “One Click” Application Deployments
# ClickOnce improvements for generating MSI + ClickOnce application packages
# ClickOnce error dialog boxes now support links to application specific support sites on the Web
# ClickOnce now has design-time support for setting up file associations
# ClickOnce application publishers can now decide to opt out of signing and hashing the ClickOnce manifests as they see appropriate for their scenarios.

Take advantage of the new .NET Framework for your application now by starting to select a ASP.NET 3.5 web hosting compatible plan and supports.


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