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Why ASP.NET is Better Than Classic ASP?

Posted on: July 7, 2009

Classic ASP

ASP.NET features over Classic ASP

Still using ASP for your web page? Below are some useful points on why you should use ASP.NET scripts for creating your web application.

1 – Scalability
Classic ASP – With Classic ASP applications, components used by pages are fairly difficult to update, maintain or replace. In general updating a component in a running application will require the shutting down of IIS, replacement of the component and finally a restart of IIS.

ASP.NET – ASP.NET was built to provide specific enhancements that allow scalable and efficient application updating. The ‘xcopy’ deployment model of .NET allows replacement of pages and components in real time and does not require a restart of the web server. If an update needs to be made to a current production application, developers can simply make the change and the infrastructure can account for that change the next time a request is made to the altered page or component. This means that content updates, fixes and enhancements to ASP.NET applications can be made in real time with little to no impact to the user base.

2 – Application Compilation Features
Classic ASP- ASP Classic is comprised of VBScript or Jscript interpreted at run-time which means each page has a specific performance hit due to line by line interpretation. The interpretation of the pages simply results in some inefficiency.

ASP.NET – ASP.NET however compiles the code the first time it is accessed. The compiled code results in .NET classes housed within assemblies and allow subsequent page requests to be serviced with previously compiled code.

3 – Programming Language Support
Classic ASP – Limited programming language supported.

ASP.NET – ASP.NET supports full server side programming languages and not just scripting languages. Only VBScript and Javascript are available for scripting in ASP Classic where as, in ASP.NET there are no such restrictions. With ASP.NET several programming languages like C# and VB.NET are available to program in accordance to the developers preference where both of them can even be used in the same application.

4 – Stability
Classic ASP – ASP is running under the inetinfo.exe (IIS) process space, making it susceptible to application crashes. This happens because the IIS needs to be stopped or restarted on a regular basis.

ASP.NET – The ASP.Net process is separate from inetinfo.exe, meaning that it is not susceptible to these types of application crashes. This means that the final product will be much more stable.

You could have web hosting that support both ASP hosting and ASP.NET hosting technology for supporting your current and future .NET web applications.


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