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CMS Hosting – Do(s) and Don’t(s) When Choosing Correct CMS for You

Posted on: July 2, 2009

Tips on Choosing the CMS for You

The DO List:

1 – DO take your time and explore your requirements. There are TONS of resources out there that can help you in your search. Some examples are try to figure out what is the purpose of your CMS, online shopping cart, blog, photo galleries?

2 – DO try the software demo first. You can always try to download yourself from the CMS website and install on your hosting plan or directly test drive the CMS website live from the source website. If you get lost somewhere and need help.. hit the forums for the applicable package or seek help from your hosting company if you already have a hosting account.

3 – DO ask other webmasters of sites that you like. Some may or may not be willing to tell you what (if any) CMS they are using but it never hurts to ask. Read more user reviews to get more impression on the particular CMS.

4 – DO remember to fully research the product you are considering.. explore some themes, plugins and see how the community treats questions from new users. This will give you a good feel for the product. Browse other user website and to get more idea and understanding on how the CMS works.

5 – DO choose the correct type of CMS system which are compatible with your hosting plan. ASP.NET cms such as BlogEngine.NET and DotNetNuke will not work on Linux based hosting plan. Please consult your hosting provider regarding this matter.

The DON’T List:

1 – Do NOT pick your CMS just based on the overall design. Most of the CMS are integrated with themes which you can change and install within short period of times.

2 – Do NOT purchase the CMS software directly without fully understand the benefits of the CMS system can bring to you or your company. Some CMS system are high in cost, you surely do not expect to burn a big hole in your pocket.

3 – NOT throw tons of money at a developer or freelancer and have them make something custom just for you. It’s not worth the investment.. there are plenty of well supported systems out there and it’s much better to have others who know the product as support options rather than just one person. Some popular CMS such as DotNetNuke and Kentico have a large community of developers and users interacting together to improve the CMS from time to time.

4 – Do NOT assume that because the CMS costs money, it must be better than it’s Open Source alternatives. While this MAY be the case in SOME instances.. it is most certainly not always the case. There are a large number of Open Source CMS products on the market that are much better than some of the commercial offerings.. and vice versa. The bottom line is, choose the right one that suites your purpose and requirements.

5 – Do NOT go to the DotNetNuke forums and ask them if DotNetNuke or Kentico is the best.. you will get a biased answer. There are no “Best” CMS for everyone, only the best suite the user requirements will expect the CMS to work 100% perfectly for them or their organizations.

If you have more question about choosing the correct CMS for your personal use or for your company use, please consult customer support specialist for the CMS and the suitable hosting plan.
The hosting control panel system has specially customized to provide the easier installation of more than 50 software including popular CMS such as DotNetNuke, Kentico, mojoPortal, WordPress, Drupal and more within few clicks.


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