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Silverlight 3 Hosting – What’s New in Silverlight 3.0 Technology?

Posted on: June 15, 2009

Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight 3

Microsoft Silverlight has been improved tremendously since the released of version 1. Due to excellent demand from many web developers world wide to create more dymanic looking website, the latest Silverlight version 3 has been released!
These are some of the major enhancement we can get from the latest version of Silverlight:
1 – Silverlight 3 supports element-to-element binding
Unlike Silverlight 2, which allowed the applications to save files only to the local isostorage, Silverlight 3 applications now can save to any location on the file system via the system Save File dialog. More good news is that Silverlight applications are cached too so that they need not be redownloaded for subsequent instantiations of the application.

2 – Out-of-Browser experiences features
Silverlight applications can be installed to the system for offline access and they be used using the Start Menu or desktop shortcuts, and run without the browser window. So users can check whether the applications are operates under the browser or vice versa.

3 – Supports AAC audio decoding and H.264 video
Silverlight 3 supports perspective 3D which enables 3D transformations of 2D elements. These transformations, as well as many 2D operations like stretches, alpha blending etc are hardware accelerated. More animations can be created on Silverlight elements using HLSL to make use of pixel shaders. Silverlight now uses the GPU to accelerate the composition of Visual Trees

4 – List of controls that upgraded from Silverlight version 2
DataGrid, TreeView, various layout panels, DataForm for forms-driven applications and DataPager for viewing paginated data. Silverlight 3 also included with a navigation framework to let Silverlight applications use the hyperlinked navigation model as well as enabling deep-linking.

Users and developers can now fully utilize the latest Silverlight 3 to design and create more “eye-catching” websites. The market demand for Silverlight hosting plan are also increased lately.


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