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DotNetNuke Hosting – Some Good Reviews and Bad Critisms for DotNetNuke

Posted on: May 21, 2009

DotNetNuke CMS

DotNetNuke CMS

What Make DotNetNuke Popular?

DotNetNuke is an open source web application framework written in VB.NET for the ASP.NET framework. The overall basic function that DotNetNuke bring to user / developers are create, deploy, and manage intranet, extranet, and web sites.
DotNetNuke solid functions and infrastructure had make it become one of the popular .NET content management system not only for users but also chosen by some of the multinational company such as Microsoft, Nokia, Croatia Airlines and many more.

Let’s see about some of the advance DotNetNuke CMS features.

DotNetNuke CMS Features

1 – User Friendly system that make it easy for administrators, content editors, developers, and designers to manage all aspects of their web applications.
2 – DotNetNuke is a versatile application that can support multiple websites from a single application installation.
3 – Some of the management interface such as site hosting, web design, content management, security, and membership roles can now be manage using more systematic system.
4 – Speaking about localization, DotNetNuke CMS allowed administrators to easily translate their sites into any language using the multi-language localization features.
5 – Easy to install features – It can be downloaded and follow the simple installation instructions. Now even most of the asp hosting company do provide services to help users to install DotNetNuke on their servers.

Now, that’s seem a almost perfect application to me and most of the users. But there are no 100% perfect system in this world, below are some of the criticisms from other users that i found during the time i done some research on DotNetNuke CMS.

DotNetNuke Disadvantages and Criticisms

1 – API references are not available. Maybe they wanted to keep the copyright of the DotNetNuke CMS and avoid to be plagiarize by other developers for commercial purposes?
2 – Some of the older modules do not work as described. In order to get the most out of DotNetNuke, please update to the latest version.
3 – Documentation is mostly written in task-oriented form.
4 – Follow DotNetNuke’s guidelines for creating a module might be difficult for some users.

For all DotNetNuke users, what are your opinions after using DotNetNuke CMS? Please provide your reviews here where it will greatly appreciated!

For new users who planned to use DotNetNuke CMS, you can start off by register for a DotNetNuke hosting account and experience the true value of DotNetNuke hosting today!


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