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Posted on: April 7, 2009



ASP.NET AJAX Framework Advantages

As we know, AJAX has been integrated with the latest ASP.NET 3.5 / .NET Framework 3.5, while ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 was available as a separate add-on for ASP.NET 2.0.

Let us see the advantages of the ASP.NET AJAX framework from these 3 categories:

1) Ajax component frameworks
Components are generally created via JavaScript or XML tags, or by adding special attributes to normal HTML elements. These frameworks are generally larger, and intended for web applications rather than web sites.

However, Some component frameworks require the developer to have extensive HTML/CSS/Ajax experience and to do cross-browser testing.

Users can get the benefits from the following Ajax components frameworks:
1 – Customization APIs and related technology
2 – More programmatic control and flexibility
3 – Advance skinning facilities and structure
4 – Allow users to create new components based on other components

2) “Indirect” Ajax Framework
Indirect frameworks therefore require knowledge of the high-level language, CSS and HTML, and do not necessarily require a user to have a great deal of Ajax or advance Javascript knowledge. The Indirect frameworks are typically accompanied by convenient libraries, modules and classes.

Examples of Indirect Ajax frameworks include Google Web Toolkit, and RubyJS, here are some of the benefits of “indirect” Ajax framework:
1 – The build in high-level web widget sets of the Indirect Ajax frameworks have far more in common with Desktop widgets.
2 – Able to create code that takes care of browser incompatibilities at run-time.
3 – A ASP.NET AJAX developer can program the web front-end in the same programming language as that which the server-side code is written.
4 – The ASP.NET AJAX developer can have the flexibility to create their own Ajax framework using programming concepts.

3) Ajax frameworks which is Driven by Server
On this Ajax framework, components are created and manipulated on the server using a server-side programming language. From this effort, we can see that changes to the server component model are reflected on the client automatically because all the communication between the users and servers are being done based on Ajax techniques, server-side code manipulates a server-side component model.

Ajax frameworks that handle presentation completely within the browser may offer greater responsiveness if they handle more user interactions without server involvement. In a server-driven model, some user interface interactions can react more slower than normal expected time.

In order to use this Ajax framework, we might require the developer to understand which parts of the presentation are handled on the client vs on the server, and to code in JavaScript/Ajax as well as server-side code, so it involved 2 ways “back to back” actions.

With the emerging and integration of ASP.NET Ajax technology with the latest ASP.NET 3.5 framework, it is become clear that more and more webmasters and users choose to fully utilize this technology to aid them in the application development process.

More and more web hosting company such as are continuously testing and implementing the latest version of ASP.NET AJAX with their hosting plan to ensure the full compatibility of their clients’ applications and also providing supports to their clients on ASP.NET Ajax hosting plan.
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