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Sitefinity CMS – Advance Features for Different Users

Posted on: March 12, 2009

Sitefinity CMS Logo

Sitefinity CMS Logo

Sitefinity CMS Advance Features:

User Friendly Interface

Sitefinity provides an intuitive role-based user interface that offers quick access to all functions of the CMS and is easy to navigate. A context-help system has been integrated into the UI, so that users can quickly reference help topics, depending on the page they are currently viewing.

Systematic Workflow Engine

In Sitefinity you can define the workflow process and ensure that new or modified content passes through a process of approval before going live. It can be easily enabled or disabled and can be applied on a content and page level. (Available on Standard version only)

Content Sharing and Branching

Sitefinity facilitates native content reuse model to distribute your writing items across multiple web pages within projects, as well as among multiple projects.

Easy Drag & Drop Content Editing

Users can move different page elements and quickly organize the page structure – drag an element from the control toolbar, replace or move it around and easily fill the page cells with content.


This features make website design and content managing easier than ever. Users can now configure their website easily without knowing more complicated web programming languages.

Themes / Skins

Sitefinity is shipped with a collection of themes and skins samples that can be reused in different projects. Users can also create their own custom themes and skins.

Tagging Features for Contents

Sitefinity allows CMS users to tag the content they create in Blogs and News, and Generic content based modules. You can use tags to categorize texts, pictures, videos, and articles.

User Friendly File Manager

Sitefinity incorporates its own manager to streamline an easy and effective file upload. It displays a hierarchical structure of folders and files in a project. Users can delete, copy, move any kind of files necessary for website construction and organize them into folders.

And many other features!

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