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mojoPortal CMS – The Current Features on mojoPortal

Posted on: February 26, 2009

mojoPortal CMS

mojoPortal CMS

mojoPortal Features

Below are list of features that build in with mojoPortal. These features are constantly update / added from time to time when mojoPortal released a new version.

1 – Cross Platform – Runs under Windows/IIS or Mono/Apache with most GNU/Linux distributions or Mac OS X
2 – Works with MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird Sql, and SQLite databases (Supporting multiple platform of database makes mojoPortal able to Run under Windows / Linux hosting platform)
3 – Host multiple sites on 1 installation and db with host names
4 – XHTML Compliant Content Management with support for work flow and approval/publishing process
5 – Custom Skinning with support for user selectable skins and individual skins per page
6 – Numerous attractive skins with Table-less CSS layouts (More customization options available with the theme and CSS layouts)
7 – Enter content with the FCKeditor , TinyMCE, or XStandard HTML WYSIWYG
8 – Blogs (Webmaster / users can now include a blog within the mojoPortal application)
9 – Forums
10 – Image Gallery
11 – RSS Feed Aggregator (RSS feeds makes your mojoPortal site updates get reach quickly by search engines and your subscribers.)
12 – Event Calendar (Plan your day or event systematically using the event calender)
13 – Contact Form (Users can now sent enquiries or feedback to you directly on the contact form without you displaying your email address on the website)
14 – Poll Feature – currently only available using MS SQL or MySQL (Ideal for products or activities that includes pools and voting.)
15 – Survey Feature – currently only available using MS SQL or MySQL (Done your market / users survey on the particular products or services from your website visitors)
16 – Newsletter (Get in touch with your visitors / subscribers with the latest products / services updates)
17 – ecommerce (Anyone can customize the mojoPortal sites to be a e-commerce sites that operate as a online business instantly)
18 – File Manager – use with caution, provides direct access to the server file system.
19 – Shared Files module – looks and acts like the File Manager module but stores and manages files in a safe way on the server. Folders are really database items as are the friendly file names.
20 – Google Maps (Expose your business on your area by including an interactive Google Maps on your webpage, let your visitors find you easily)
21 – Easily Customizable User Profile System (Now you can easily manage your subscribers roleson your website / membership sites)
22 – Member List Page
23 – Bread Crumbs (Produce good navigation links on your website, eg “Home > Page 1 > Page 2”. Increase positive user experience when visiting your site)
24 – Flexible Menu system
25 – Localizable, currently translated into 10 languages (This will be a great feature for those who wanted to create other language of international sites such as Chinese, French or Russian)
26 – Configurable Whether to Encrypt Passwords (Speaking about security, the system have build in with secure encryption system that protect your personal login information such as password.
27 – Configurable Whether Registration requires e-mail confirmation (Reducing the percentage of Spam / automatic registration on your website by activating the e-mail confirmation features)
28 – Configure use of SSL for the whole Site or per Page
29 – Send Password Feature (when not using encryption)
30 – Url Re-writing for mapping friendly Urls to site pages and blog posts (Help the search engines index your web page easily and improve the SEO aspect of your website)
31 – Site Search with Role based filtering
32 – Error logging and optional debug logging
33 – Authenticate against the database, LDAP, Active Directory, Windows NTLM, OpenID, or Windows Live ID (Now, users can login using other authenticated user name and password)
34 – Personalization with WebParts
35 – Site Statistics and Who Is Online

Such wonderful and solid features makes mojoPortal popular today. Almost everyone can create a online content management portal with the ease of complex programming languages and techniques. mojoPortal provide a great platform for all of us with these convenience features!

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