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DotNetNuke 5.0 Hosting – How You Can Benefit From It?

Posted on: February 17, 2009

DotNetNuke Logo

DotNetNuke Logo

DotNetNuke Overview

DotNetNuke is an open source web application framework written in VB.NET for the ASP.NET framework. The application’s content management system is extensible and customizable through the use of skins and modules, and it can be used to create, deploy, and manage intranet, extranet, websites and many more.

Many modules are included with the core DotNetNuke software distribution, and further modules can be downloaded from the DotNetNuke website, including e-commerce systems, photo galleries, blogs, forums, wiki and mailing list options. Additional third party modules are provided by both the open source community and proprietary commercial DNN developers.

What’s New in DotNetNuke 5.0?

1) Added support for Internet Explorer 8 Web Slices. Administrators can configure any module to use IE8 Web Slices including the ability to set time-to-live and expiration values.

2) Updated the installation services to support manifest files for all extension types. Now skins, containers, providers and modules are all first class citizens that can be installed and uninstalled.

3) Added ability to deny permissions in the permissions grid. This new feature extends the permission framework to give administrators greater flexibility in defining permissions.

4) Added Widget framework. The new Widget framework allows you to quickly add JavaScript/html widgets to your site with very little effort. The framework supports the use of a simple object tag based representation which means you don’t have to know JavaScript in order to add the widgets.

5) Added jQuery support to the core platform. jQuery will now be distributed as part of the DotNetNuke installation and will be available for use by module developers.

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