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Whats New In The Latest Blogengine Version 1.4?

Posted on: February 10, 2009

Blogengine.Net Logo

Blogengine.Net Logo

Blogengine.NET Version 1.4

According to Blogengine.NET development team, this version is the 5th, most stable and best version of Many users have upgraded their existing and for those bloggers who haven’t upgraded their, you are recommended to so in order to obtain all the latest features on

What are the latest features included in this version?

1) Not Web 2.0, But Web 3.0 improvements
BlogEngine.NET 1.4 makes full use of many semantic formats and technologies such as FOAF, SIOC and APML. It means that the content stored in your BlogEngine.NET installation will be fully portable and auto-discoverable. The interesting part is that now it can filter the RSS feeds based on the visitor’s interest defined in her APML file or do a site search with it as well.

2) Drag ‘n drop widgets Available now
Widgets are now available for bloggers to integrate the extra features and functions in Blogengine easily.. It could be a list of recent posts, latest tweets from Twitter or anything else. You can can now do this by just “drag and Drop” the widgets around in your sidebar and modify the content of them directly on the front-page. The widget works independently of the theme you are using as long as it is implemented in the theme.

3) Multiple Database Providers
For the convenience of all bloggers, Blogengine are now customized to be compatible with most of the databases. It can now supports MySql, Sql Server and many others, this will be a great advantage for different bloggers who hosted their application on different web hosting providers with different platform of database.

4) Author profiles can now handle multiple author blogs to let all authors maintain their own profile. So, blogging effort will be more fun and flexible with different authors authority on the blogs.

These are just few major changes on the latest Blogengine, for more features, you can download the application today and start to experience the difference of this blogging software can bring to you.

To host your blogs with Blogengine hosting providers, you can log on to or contact at
for more information on Blogengine.Net


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