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Whats New In WordPress 2.7?

Posted on: February 2, 2009

Wordpress Logo

Wordpress Logo

Great Features in Wordress 2.7

1) Mass-edit posts and pages: Select multiple posts or pages, edit them, save your edits:
1. Click Posts › Edit, or Pages › Edit
2. Check the boxes of the posts/pages you want to edit
3. Select Edit from Actions, then click Apply
4. Mass-edit
5. Click Save
Mass editing — new features in WordPress 2.7, it simplify your effort and time where you need to edit or delete multiple files at a time.

2) Quick Edit Features: Traditional ways of edit your WordPress post or pages is edit any post or page in Posts › Edit, and Pages › Edit. For the latest WordPress 2.7, you can now done the amendment of your post or page without having to load individual edit pages. Except for the body and the excerpt, almost everything else can be edited. Just move your mouse to the particular post / page list and you will have the option to select “Quick Edit” and you can done your amendment without having waiting for it to load the whole list again.

3) Approve, Amend, Delete, Reply Comment Easily: Now, each time you logged in to your admin dashboard, you will see a column where recent comments has been posted. With the wonderful ajax features enabled, you can now directly approve, Amend, Delete or reply the list of comments faster and easier.

4) Comments with page numbers Pagination of comments is especially useful in sites with many comments. With it you can show only a certain number of comments on each page, instead of serving tens or hundreds of comments (and sending tens or hundreds of HTTP requests to Gravatar servers) for every visitor who comes to have a quick look or to do a quick search for something.

5) Show / Disable Modules in Screen Options Is the list of modules appeared too much on your administration screen that confused you when are trying to search for module or page to configure? But now you can get in control of the module that display.You can do this by click on Screen Options, a panel drops down with options to show/hide individual modules (or, in pages with tabular data, columns). Combined with the ability to rearrange modules , this will allow you to have in any administration page exactly what you need exactly where you want it.

These are some of the new features that integrated in WordPress 2.7. You can get the latest wordpress hosting at – the leading hosting providers.

You are welcome to post comments on your opinion and feedback of using the latest WordPress 2.7.


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