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Types Of Blogs You Can Create With Your Blogging Softwares

Posted on: December 15, 2008

Here are some example of blogs you can choose to create with your web hosting plans

Personal Blogs

The personal blog, an ongoing diary or commentary by an individual, is the traditional, most common blog. Personal bloggers usually take pride in their blog posts, even if their blog is never read by anyone but them. Blogs often become more than a way to just communicate; they become a way to reflect on life or works of art. Blogging can have a sentimental quality. Few personal blogs rise to fame and the mainstream, but some personal blogs quickly garner an extensive following. A type of personal blog is referred to as “microblogging,” which is extremely detailed blogging as it seeks to capture a moment in time. Sites, such as Twitter, allow bloggers to share thoughts and feelings instantaneously with friends and family and is much faster than e-mailing or writing. This form of social media lends to an online generation already too busy to keep in touch.

Corporate Blogs

A blog can be private, as in most cases, or it can be for business purposes. Blogs, either used internally to enhance the communication and culture in a corporation or externally for marketing, branding or public relations purposes are called corporate blogs.

Question Blogging

is a type of blog that answers questions. Questions can be submitted in the form of a submittal form, or through email or other means such as telephone or VOIP. Qlogs can be used to display shownotes from podcasts or the means of conveying information through the internet. Many question logs use syndication such as RSS as a means of conveying answers to questions.

Is it really matter if i build my blogs on free hosted sites or i build blogs on self hosted sites?

This is the common question that asked by a lot of people who are plan to start to build their blogging websites.
It is recommended that build our blogs on self hosted sites because we can have more authority and customization on our own blogs. Lets take WordPress for example, a self hosted WordPress blogs enabled users to install more advance plugins that will make the blogs more easier to manage and users can enjoy the full flexibility of blogging with the constants updates of new plugins.

WordPress hosting users can also choose to design the blog theme that suite their requirements and upload to their blogs for better looks and more blogging satisfactions.

What is your opinion on self hosted blogs? Please leave a comments below.

If you more information on creating self hosted blogs, log on to your reliable ASP.NET web hosting providers – at for more information on how to obtain your own blogs on self hosting server with affordable prices!


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this is kishore, and want to make friendship through blog

a warm welcome to everyone.

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