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Windows 2008 Hosting Extra Features

Posted on: November 4, 2008

Windows 2008 hosting with these extra features and advantages (Part 1):

Domain Name Systems (DNS):
Windows Server 2008 now supports Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) addressing, as well as background zone loading, which allow the server to respond more quickly to clients. For organizations that do not deploy WINS, but use a single label DNS name suffix, a GlobalNames zone can be used to resolve the single label suffixes. For organizations that deploy Read-Only Domain Controllers (RODCs), Windows Server 2008 can create a primary read-only zone on a DNS server running on the RODC.

Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP):
DHCP in Windows Server 2008 has been enhanced to support IPv6 as well as Network Access Protection (NAP). Clients that use the longer IPv6 addresses are fully supported by the Windows Server 2008 DHCP server. When using NAP, the DHCP server can issue a limited IP address to clients that do not meet the NAP policy requirements. Whenever a client attempts to renew the IP lease, the health policy is reviewed and enforced.

Backup and Recovery—Windows Server 2008 Backup:
Some enhancement on Windows Server 2008 backup are:
1) Faster backups
2) Simplified restores
3) Simplified recovery of operating systems
4) Ability to recover applications
5) Improved scheduling
6) Easy removal of backups offside for disaster protection
7) Remote administration

Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS):
Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) Server Extensions allow a server to receive files uploaded by clients using BITS. BITS allows client computers to transfer files in the foreground or background asynchronously, preserve the responsiveness of other network applications, and resume file transfers after network failures and computer restarts.

Windows Server 2008 Wireless Features:
Windows Server 2008 has interesting new features to support 802.1X authenticated wired 802.3 Ethernet connections and 802.11 wireless connections for clients running Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. These features enable you to use Group Policy to configure settings on multiple domain-member clients running Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 so that they can connect to an 802.1X Ethernet network.

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